Christmas Gift Ideas for the Vehicle Enthusiasts in Your Life

Tool kit | Lake Shore ToyotaThinking of what to give your loved ones for Christmas can be difficult. But if you’ve got a vehicle enthusiast on your list, here are our favorite gift ideas at Lake Shore Toyota. Feel free to take credit for these come Christmas morning.

Steering Wheel Cover

Useful and stylish — a steering wheel cover is a perfect gift for drivers. They improve grip to give the steering wheel a racecar feel, and they keep hands warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Car Seat Protectors

If your vehicle enthusiast is concerned about the integrity of their seats, give them a set of car seat protectors. This is the perfect gift for the pet owner as well, as they protect the seat fabric from getting scratched up.

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Be Prepared to Reach New Heights When Driving a 2019 Avalon

2019 Toyota Avalon Chesterton, IN | Lake Shore ToyotaThe 2019 Toyota Avalon is changing the game when it comes to full-sized sedans. No more dull designs, no more boring rides — let’s take a look at the new, stylized 2019 Avalon.

Exterior Features

The 2019 Avalon has upgraded, multi-textured, wide grilles that give it a presence no other sedan can claim. Exterior features like the Avalon’s LED lighting, chiseled body angles, and the interesting design of its front section make the sedan look like a thing of the future.

The 2019 Avalon comes in one of eight earth-tone and metallic colors. A reflector connects the daring taillights. Every detail of the Avalon is a statement and a head-turner. A wide variety of models — a total of seven, including some hybrid options — lets you customize your sedan to fit your needs and style.

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2018 Toyota C-HR vs. RAV4: Which One Should You Choose?

Toyota C-HR | Lake Shore ToyotaToyota has a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, whether you are looking for a sedan, a full-size SUV, or a crossover. With so many choices it is hard to go wrong. Due to their size and many available features, the Toyota RAV4 and C-HR are two popular choices buyers are flocking to. Check out some of the coolest features of both the RAV4 and the C-HR that make them awesome picks.

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5 Chesterton Landmarks on the National Register of Historic Places

Spaghetti | Lake Shore ToyotaThe Chesterton area is filled with many historical areas and buildings that made the town what it is today. Whether you live in the area or find yourself in town on a visit, be sure to check out these nationally registered historic landmarks located in and around the Chesterton area.

The Smith Block

Built on North Calumet Road in 1903, The Smith Block has been home to various businesses in the area over the years. The Knights of Pythias Lodge occupied the space until 1968. After that, the Knights of Columbus used the space as its lodge. In recent years, the building renovated its storefront, but the brick and stone are part of the original part of the building.

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5 Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage in Your SUV

Gas station | Lake Shore ToyotaSUVs are an increasingly popular choice among vehicle buyers. They have the space to haul people and gear, as well as the ability to handle driving across just about every terrain. Many SUVs are also fuel efficient, too. Here are five tips to maximize fuel efficiency so you can save trips to the gas pump.

  1. Know Your Gas Millage

Every SUV or vehicle purchased at a dealership has the number of miles per gallon listed as part of its specifications. Knowing the mileage information prior to filling up your tank is important. Figuring it out is simple though. In a search engine of your choice, type in the name of your SUV plus “MPG,” along with “per 100 miles.” This brings up a calculation or results for your vehicle’s gas expense per 100 miles. Hybrid models are also a good option.

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4 Most Haunted Places in Indiana to Check Out This Fall

Haunted house | Lake Shore ToyotaWith Halloween right around the corner, many people are looking for a good scare to get their adrenaline up and their blood pumping. If you live in Indiana, you probably already know that some of the most historical areas in the state are also rumored to be a hotbed of ghostly activity. Below are four places in Indiana that you may or may not know have a history of hauntings.

1.100 Step Cemetery

Located in Brazil, Indiana, the 100 Step Cemetery has a rich history dating back to the 1860s. Legend has it that once you ascend the 100 steps, you will see a ghost that will provide you with a vision of how you will die. The ghost is said to be that of the cemetery’s original undertaker. After you see the vision, you need to climb down all 100 steps, or the vision of your death will come true. Visitors have claimed that if they took a shortcut on the grass, they felt a ghostly hand push them that left behind a red handprint that lasted multiple days.

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Why Drivers Love the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

2019 Toyota Hatchback | Lake Shore ToyotaIf you want to drive a vehicle built for versatility, your best option is the new Corolla Hatchback. Whether you’re looking for performance, utility, or exciting tech features, there’s no beating the Corolla. Learn why drivers love the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback and find out why you should take this outstanding vehicle for a test drive.

An Exciting Ride

Enjoying a thrilling ride is the best reason to invest in the new Corolla Hatchback. This interesting vehicle offers a variety of performance features, starting with a peppy engine, making for a fantastic driving experience.

The Corolla is equipped with a 2.0-liter Dynamic Force engine that produces 168 horsepower and 155 pound-feet of torque, more than enough for driving around your city or hitting the open road. This Toyota model also offers a brand-new suspension that offers you a smoother ride than you’ve ever had before. The suspension of the Corolla is designed to limit body roll so you always have full control of your vehicle while cornering. If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s fun to drive day in and day out, look no further than the 2019 Corolla Hatchback.

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Experience Chesterton’s Best Breweries and Wineries

Gathering of people sitting at barrel tables sipping beer and wine | Lake Shore ToyotaIf you’re the type of person who loves to relax with a glass of wine or a cold beer, Chesterton offers several great breweries and wineries that you should be sure to visit. At these interesting locations, you can sample a variety of refreshing drinks, and may find your new favorite libation.

Hunter’s Brewing

At the end of a long day in Chesterton, nothing hits the spot quite like a cold beer, which is why you should take a trip to Hunter’s Brewing. Whether you want a draft beer or prefer drinking from a bottle, Hunter’s Brewing offers a great selection of beverages.

In addition to an exciting array of house beers, Hunter’s Brewing also offers guest drafts from breweries around the country. You can order beers in multiple sizes, including 64-ounce growlers. If you want some food to go along with your beer, this establishment offers a fantastic menu which includes vegan and vegetarian options. You’ll definitely want to visit Hunter’s Brewing more than once so you can sample all of their beer options.

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Best Fall and Winter Activities in Chesterton, IN

Fall forest | Lake Shore ToyotaAlthough everyone loves the warm summer months, fall and winter can be just as fun, especially if you live in Chesterton, IN. Chesterton offers great fall and winter activities that are perfect for families, and you can easily reach them all in your Toyota vehicle. Check out one or more of these cool-weather activities in the Chesterton area.

Chesterton Fall Activities

If you’re like many people, fall is your favorite season. The temperature is cooler and more comfortable, and there’s an energy in the air that you won’t find during other times of the year. Fall also means being able to enjoy a wide range of exciting activities in and around Chesterton.

The best part of this season is seeing the leaves change from a rich green color to vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges. If you want to view the changing foliage near Chesterton, you should plan a visit to Indiana Dunes State Park. At this park, you can enjoy the crisp air while hiking miles of trails filled with gorgeous trees.

The sandhill crane migration is another activity that you may enjoy. Between September and December, you can see sandhill cranes pass through the South Shore area as they make their way south for the winter. Seeing these majestic birds in person is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Visiting Fair Oaks Farm is also a great way to pass the time during the fall. At this unique attraction, you can explore a working dairy farm and learn how food goes from the farm to your dining room table.

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2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Review

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser | Lake Shore ToyotaIf you’re looking for a tough SUV that can overcome every obstacle the road has in store, look no further than the Toyota Land Cruiser. An icon in the SUV class, the Land Cruiser offers unbeatable performance and an array of useful features that can add to your driving experience. Check out this review of the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser so you can decide if investing in this quality SUV is the right choice for you.

Land Cruiser Performance

Unmatched performance is the best reason to choose the Toyota Land Cruiser as your next SUV. Whether you’re driving on a smoothly paved highway or a bumpy off-road trail, you’ll have a great time behind the wheel of this automobile.

To start with, the Land Cruiser is equipped with a 5.7-liter V-8 engine producing 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque, giving you the confidence you need to tackle the toughest roads. This SUV also features an 8-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, monitoring several factors to guarantee you always have outstanding power delivery.

With the 2019 Land Cruiser, you’ll also have a variety of features that make going off-road easy and fun. The multi-terrain monitor allows you to check the surrounding terrain with a push of a button, letting you plan your route more effectively. To help you maintain traction on uneven terrain, the Land Cruiser offers a kinetic dynamic suspension system. Additional performance features include crawl control with off-road turn assist and a Torsen limited-slip differential.

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