3 Reasons to Make Your New SUV a Highlander

Red 2019 Toyota Highlander in the driveway in front of a home with a family of four around it. | Toyota dealer in Chesterton, IN

Is it time for you and your family to upgrade to a brand new SUV? Meet the 2019 Toyota Highlander. This versatile vehicle has something for everyone. If you are on the fence about which SUV should be your next, these excellent features will convince you to make it a Highlander.

1. Built for Families

Comfort is paramount while you travel with family and friends. The 2019 Highlander includes automatic three-zone climate control. As the driver, you can set the temperatures throughout the vehicle to keep everyone comfortable. The driver and front passenger can set their own temperatures. The third zone covers the air coming out of the second and third-row vents. 

Depending on the trim level you choose, the vehicle includes up to five USB ports. You can have up to three in the front and two in the back, saving you from arguments over who gets to charge their phones or other devices.  The family-friendly technology also includes an available rear-seat Blu-ray entertainment center. The screen folds into the ceiling for secure storage. It also consists of two pairs of headphones, so the movies can be enjoyed without disturbing other passengers.

Don’t let space limit you when packing for your next adventure.  There’s seating for eight, but the backseat folds flat into the floor. It also reclines opening up as much legroom and cargo space as possible. 

2. Safety

Keep everyone safe on the road using the standard Toyota Safety Sense system.  The system includes a lane departure warning with steering assist. It checks the area around your vehicle and gives you a chance to get back in your lane to avoid an accident.  The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system measures the distance between you and another car on the highway. If you are too close, it automatically adjusts your speed to create a safe driving distance. 

Automatic high beams take the worry out of driving in the dark. The lights turn on and off if you are on a rural road and when you approach other traffic.

3. Driver Technology

The Highlander is full of technology meant to provide the smoothest ride on your next adventure. There is a bird’s eye camera. It is unlike a traditional backup camera because it gives you a full view of your vehicle. You can use the scan feature to check on your vehicle while it is parked.  

The Driver Easy Speak function makes interacting with your passengers convenient and safe.  It is a built-in microphone up front. The microphone transmits what you say to your back seat passengers, so you can make plans or even play games with children while you stay focused on the road. 

Puddle lights are an optional feature on this SUV. They illuminate the ground under the side mirrors, giving you an opportunity to keep your feet dry.

Are you ready to meet the Highlander in person? Stop by Lake Shore Toyota today. Our staff looks forward to getting you in your 2019 Toyota Highlander today.

Image via Toyota.com.