5 Best Boutiques in Chesterton

Various hues and sizes of purple glass bottles | Chesterton, IN

Boutique stores are an excellent way to find unique items. As you head out on your next shopping adventure, check out some of these fun locations in Chesterton, In. Each offers something different and little something for everyone.

1. Chesterton Toys

Activate your child’s imagination at Chesterton Toys on South Calumet Road. This store offers toys for all ages. Whether your hoping to find a fun or educational toy or game; a wide selection is available.  Grab something from the outdoor collection to play with over summer break!

Check out their large selection of Funko pops! If you’re into collecting them, there’s a good chance you can find that missing part of your collection. They also boast a wide variety of Pop! Pez collectibles which will allow you to indulge your sweet tooth. If you’re up for indulging your sour tooth, try some of the Shock Your Buds Test Tube Candies.

2. Framing Concepts

Do you need a frame for a unique piece? Perhaps you are looking to replace an old frame? Check out Framing Concepts at 219 Broadway. The shop works with businesses and individuals.  The staff works with you on custom framing no matter the size, layout, or medium of the work. 

While you are at the shop, explore the various pieces of local artwork. The shop has many different pieces of glasswork and sculptures. There’s also a wide selection of hanging artwork to complete your space.

3. Antiques 102

Antiques 102 is not your ordinary antique shop. Located at 402 Broadway, the store focuses on all things vintage. If you need a classic piece of furniture or glassware for your home, check them out. There’s also a selection of lamps! You might find the perfect accent for your room. If you are looking for a cool vintage outfit, check out their amazing consignment section.

4. Neon Gecko

Step off of Windridge Drive and into a diverse world when you visit the Neon Gecko. This funky shop is a great place to find playful art made by the Gecko Girls. Using fused glass, they’ve created amazing pieces. From jewelry to yard decorations, this store has it all. You can even join them for classes to make you’re own unique items to wear or display in your home.

5. Schoolhouse Shop and Antiques

The fun Schoolhouse Shop and Antiques has a little something for everyone. The magic pantry includes a variety of artisan foods which include jams, sauces, and fresh bread. Be sure to browse their selection of high-end clothing. Let the kids explore the Tree House Toy Room just above the store. They can find a new stuffed animal or wooden train to take home.

Bring your friends with you on your next shopping adventure. You’ll have some fun quality time and a sounding board! You might need help choosing which adorable or gorgeous piece of art to take home. They may just say take them all! That’s what friends are for, right?

Image via Flickr by Sheila Sund | CC BY 2.0.