Christmas Gift Ideas for the Vehicle Enthusiasts in Your Life

Tool kit | Lake Shore ToyotaThinking of what to give your loved ones for Christmas can be difficult. But if you’ve got a vehicle enthusiast on your list, here are our favorite gift ideas at Lake Shore Toyota. Feel free to take credit for these come Christmas morning.

Steering Wheel Cover

Useful and stylish — a steering wheel cover is a perfect gift for drivers. They improve grip to give the steering wheel a racecar feel, and they keep hands warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Car Seat Protectors

If your vehicle enthusiast is concerned about the integrity of their seats, give them a set of car seat protectors. This is the perfect gift for the pet owner as well, as they protect the seat fabric from getting scratched up.

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5 Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage in Your SUV

Gas station | Lake Shore ToyotaSUVs are an increasingly popular choice among vehicle buyers. They have the space to haul people and gear, as well as the ability to handle driving across just about every terrain. Many SUVs are also fuel efficient, too. Here are five tips to maximize fuel efficiency so you can save trips to the gas pump.

  1. Know Your Gas Millage

Every SUV or vehicle purchased at a dealership has the number of miles per gallon listed as part of its specifications. Knowing the mileage information prior to filling up your tank is important. Figuring it out is simple though. In a search engine of your choice, type in the name of your SUV plus “MPG,” along with “per 100 miles.” This brings up a calculation or results for your vehicle’s gas expense per 100 miles. Hybrid models are also a good option.

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