4 Advanced Safety Features of the 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid | Lake Shore ToyotaThis upscale, large sedan is getting a complete redesign for the upcoming year, with plenty of safety features for families to make the most out of. The new Avalon Hybrid delivers more standard features than last year’s model, including advanced driver assistance technology. Let’s discuss four of the latest safety features that come with the 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid.

  1. Toyota Safety Sense P

Toyota outfitted each Avalon with its coveted suite of features dubbed “Safety Sense P.” This integrated package supports nighttime driving, increases driver awareness, and helps prevent collisions.

With Safety Sense P, you get adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, and lane keep assist. Also included in this bundle is forward collision warning with pedestrian detection that utilizes a camera and radar system, high beams that automatically toggle between settings and automatic emergency braking.

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5 Best SafetySense Features to Notice

Toyota Safety Sense logo and "Designed for safety" | Lake Shore ToyotaIn 2018, Toyota released the first generation of Toyota SafetySense (TSS), its suite of active and passive safety systems. It is designed to help protect drivers, passengers, and pedestrians from accidents caused by a delay in the driver’s recognition of and reaction to unfortunate situations. Here are some of the SafetySense’s specific features that you should watch out for:

Vehicle Detection

One feature of its pre-collision system is vehicle detection. TSS includes an in-vehicle camera and laser that can detect a vehicle in front of your vehicle. If it determines a high likelihood of a collision, it emits audio and visual alerts. Depending on the braking force applied by the driver to the brake pedal, the system will provide additional braking force through Brake Assist. The Brake Assist will be canceled 2 seconds after the vehicle has been stopped. However, Toyota warns drivers not to completely rely on the system, because there are certain conditions where it will not work due to limited visibility.

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