Car Condensation Causes and How to Fix Them

Close up of dew drops on a flat surface. | Chesterton, IN

Clear vision is essential when driving your vehicle. Yet, many drivers need to clear condensation from their windows and windshields before going anywhere. If you need to do this constantly, there are some steps you can take to keep the condensation out of your vehicle.

1. Dirty Windows Welcome Water Droplets

Water clings to dirt and pollen. One way to reduce the amount of condensation in your car is to keep your windows clean. Do not just wash the outside of your windshield. Instead, make sure you wash the inside of the glass as well. Keep a clean rag and a small bottle of glass cleaner in your car to make cleaning on the road quick and easy. Do not use paper towels as they can smear or possibly scratch your windows and windshield. Ideally, an old shirt or other soft material works on all the glass surfaces in your vehicle.

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